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Canberra Walking Festival: Accommodation Options

Canberra has a large range of accommodation to suit all budgets, from low cost hostel, campsites, B&Bs to high class hotels. As the Canberra Two Day Walk Inc. does not provide an accommodation booking service, walkers need to arrange their own accommodation.

For planning purpose, the following lists a range of accommodation options within a reasonable distance from the Walk's Start/ Finish/ Control Centre. Many of these are also shown on the location map.

'Australian Capital Tourism' can assist with choosing and booking accommodation, email, call 1300 554 114, or you can compare prices and book Canberra accommodation online here. If you're calling from overseas use +61 2 6205 0044.
Alternatively you can try accommodation web sites such as or contact a property directly.

Don't forget to check out the accommodation/location map

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