Walk faster for better health

Time to pick up your walking pace!

University of Sydney researchers have analysed UK population data in a study of walking speed and longevity, according to a recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Self-rated walking pace and all-cause, cardiovascular disease and cancer mortality: individual participant pooled analysis of 50,225 walkers from 11 population British cohorts was published in volume 52, issue 12 of the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

Want to try a new walking technique altogether?


Sun exposure and vitamin D

According to a media release posted on the Cancer Council Australia website this past weekend, “[n]ew recommendations published today (31/1) by national peak health bodies aim to provide clearer and simpler advice to Australians on how they can balance the need for sun protection to reduce skin cancer risk with maintaining healthy vitamin D levels for optimal health.”

Position statement – Sun exposure and vitamin D – risks and benefits

Slow walking speed linked to Alzheimer’s disease

A study of walking speed and its possible relationship to Alzheimer’s disease was reported in the Canberra Times on 5 December.

The CT story was an excerpt from a UK London Telegraph article posted 2 December.

An abstract of the original research study Relationship of regional brain β-amyloid to gait speed is available from the journal Neurology, the official journal of the American Academy of Neurology.