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Canberra Two Day Walk Association

Organisers of the Canberra Walking Festival

Contact Us

Canberra Two Day Walk Inc. (Attn IVV) - if mailing IVV books for stamping
P.O. Box 3114
Weston Creek, ACT
Australia 2611

Please note: Our PO Box is only checked on an occasional basis. If you are mailing IVV books or insert cards, please send an email to to ensure we clear the post in a timely manner. This also enables us to send a return email when we have mailed back your IVV books.

Telephone: 0468-952-150 (Control Centre contact number during Canberra Walking Festival events)


2007 awards ceremony - walkers relaxing after the walkRegister for Email Updates

If you provide us with your contact email address, we can advise you when key information is updated on our website. Just send us an email with your full name in the text (or provide your email details on your entry form).

Privacy Policy

We collect information about you when you participate in one of our events. This information is provided by you when you submit your entry form; either directly with us, or through our third party on-line registration provider. The information we collect will include your name, date of birth, address and contact details; together with your event history. This information is updated and maintained indefinitely in our database to ensure you receive the correct award in future years.

No personal information is passed to any third party for advertising or other commercial purposes. Personal information may need to be provided to emergency or other services in the case of an accident or incident during an event.

Each year entry forms are sent to past participants. If you wish to be removed from our mailing list (or email list) please let us know. If you wish your contact details to be removed in toto from our participant database please contact us. This could impact on your ability to claim an award in subsequent years.

Other Canberra Walking Resources

ACT Walking for Pleasure - group walks around Canberra every Sun, Tue, Wed Thu & Fri - Walking for Pleasure members can now get IVV credit for their walks!

Heart Foundation Walking - for free walking groups in Canberra and across Australia - also linked with parkrun

CANwalk - a portal listing all of the walking opportunities in the Canberra region

ACT Race and Fitness Walking Club - if you want to take your walking to the next level

Canberra Walking Meetup Group - a wide variety of walks in and around Canberra

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