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Canberra Walking Festival: Next Walk

At the start of the walk in 2006

The next Canberra Walking Festival incorporating the 26th Canberra Two Day Walk will be held on 1-2 April 2017.

Start / Finish

The walk starts and finishes each day at the Control Centre. The Control Centre is located on the corner of Kings Avenue and Blackall Street, Barton.

A locality map is provided. Note parking location - pedestrians please cross Kings Avenue with care at the crossing with the lights.

Please come back to check this page regularly. Updates will be provides as the event approaches, including maps of the walk routes, gpx files to download into your smart phone and a detailed "welcome" letter with additional instructions to assist in your preparation for the Canberra Walking Festival.


Update 2: 29th March (final information for walkers)

Online entries closed last night, but entries are still available on the weekend. For some of the routes on Saturday there are limited seats still available on the buses. If you want to be reassured of your seat on the bus you can register on Friday afternoon, any time after 2pm at the Control Centre, Charles Sturt University, Blackall St, Barton - there will be plenty of signs to point you in the right direction. The Control Centre will close at 6pm, and reopen shortly after 7am on Saturday morning. Please arrive 30min prior to the registered start time for your event if you are registering on the day.

Emails have been sent to all registered participants this morning with the following last minute details to assist in your preparation for the 2017 Canberra Walking Festival:

The Canberra Two Day Walk committee wishes all of our walkers a great weekend of walking. While you are enjoying your walks, please thank our many volunteers who help to make this unique event possible.

Update 1: 16th March (route maps and gpx files)

1. A map showing the route and checkpoint locations for Saturday (3.2MB) and Sunday (1.3MB) is also available in PDF format. You will be given a printed copy on the day, and the route will be well marked, but you may wish to use this for pre-walk planning if you intend to meet up with family or friends along the way.
Note that on Saturday there is a long distance (15.1km) between the start of the 44km route and checkpoint 1, and between checkpoints 1 and 2 (13.4km), so the 44km and 30km walkers need to plan to be self-sufficient for these sections of the walk.

2. For Smart Phone & GPS users, we now have all of the self-guided routes available for you to download to your device. This provides an added level of comfort to you in case a route sign goes missing, or you head off the designated route for a coffee stop etc. If you are unfamiliar with uploading GPX files to your device, scroll down for instructions and suggested applications - give it a try, it is not too complicated, and may even revolutionise your walking experience. However, it is best to turn off the screen when you're not looking at it to conserve power, particularly if you are walking for a long time!

Direct links are available from the links below, or you can access via this Dropbox link (required for iPhones if you do not have access to a computer)

Saturday Sunday

5 km
10 km
20 km
30 km
44 km

10 km

15 km
21 km
29 km

iPhone: Suggested applications to download from the App store are 'GPX Navigator' or 'GPX Viewer' - there are more, and you may already have something suitable downloaded that you can use. The appsmay have a small charge to avoid the ads and restrictions you get with the free ones.
Option 1 (if you have access to a computer): Download the required files to your computer and then email them to your iPhone as an attachment. When you open the email you may need to tap the attachment to download, then hold your finger on the file until a choice of applications opens up. One of those should be the GPX Navigator or GPX Viewer that you downloaded previously. Select the desired application and the file should appear in the application. When you select the file the map will appear and a blue dot to show your current position.
Option 2 (if you don't have access to a computer): In this case, the instructions above will not work, because you cannot attach a file to an email sent from your iPhone. Therefore you will need to ensure the free Dropbox app is installed on your iPhone. Open the Dropbox link and select the first route you want on your phone. Select "open in app" and a complex list of coordinates will appear on the screen. Touch the download button at the top of the screen (square with arrow pointing up), and select the "open in" icon that appears at the bottom of the screen. The navigator app should appear as one of the choices. Once you select the navidator app the track will be available to see. Your position will be highlighted by a blue dot.

Android: Download 'OsmAnd' from the Play Store, it is free. Email the gpx files to your phone. Press and hold the attachment, let go and it will prompt you to open the file in OsmAnd. If you have more than one track loaded you can turn them on or off by pressing the button on the bottom left hand corner of the screen, choosing 'configure map', then 'gpx track'. When OsmAnd prompts you to download offline maps make sure you use your house wifi and have 600MB free on your phone, it downloads both Australia and Oceania. You dont really need them, but it enables the app to work in areas that have no telco provider connectivity, and will be cheaper in the long run for data downloads. This app also doubles as a sophisticated voice enabled GPS Navigator; there are other apps that will take gpx files but this ones pretty good. Best to turn off the screen when you're not looking at it to conserve power.

Program of Events - 2017

Date Times Activity
31 March
11am-2pm Capital Walk 11km
Meet outside the Control Centre and enjoy a guided walk that includes Parliament House and Telopea Park before returning to the Control Centre for the official start of the Canberra Walking Festival
  2-3pm Registration of international entrants
The shop will be open for walk souvenir sales
The IVV counter will be open for stamping for the Capital Walk and any other year round walks you may have completed
  from 3pm Welcome Walk followed by reception to welcome our interstate and international visitors who are walking on the weekend
IVV walkers get IVV books stamped for Welcome Walk 5km

Registration marathon walkers, briefing at 7:20, buses departs at 7.30am **don't be late** - some walkers may prefer to use hiking poles for this walk
Please note that the marahon distance in 2017 is 44km due to alignment changes in the Centenary Trail. We are unable to keep the route at the accurate 42.2km for a true marathon.

(Day 1) 7:30-8am Registration 30km walkers, briefing at 7:45, buses departs at 8am **don't be late** - some walkers may prefer to use hiking poles for this walk
1 April 8:30-9am Registration 20km walkers, briefing at 8:45, buses depart at 9am **don't be late** - some walkers may prefer to use hiking poles for this walk
  9:30-10am Registration 10km walkers, briefing at 9:45, buses depart at 10am **don't be late** - some walkers may prefer to use hiking poles for this walk
  9:45-10:15am Registration 5km walkers, briefing at 10:05, buses depart at 10:15am **don't be late**
11:30am-4pm Walkers returning and checking in
*marathoners collect their medal/pin
*IVV walkers get IVV books stamped for Saturday
4:30pm-5:30pm AGM of CTDW Inc - all welcome to attend but only paid up members may vote - see notice of AGM below
7:30-8am Registration 29km walkers, briefing at 7:55, 29km walkers start at 8am
(Day 2) 8:30-9am Registration 21km walkers, briefing at 8:55, 21km walkers start at 9am
2 April 9:30-10am

Registration 6, 10 and 15km walkers, briefing at 9:55
15km walkers start at 10am
10km walkers start at 10:05am
6km walkers start at 10:10am

11:30am-4pm Walkers returning and checking in
*two day walkers collect their medal/pin
*all walkers collect an event certificate and 2017 sticker
(we also have some uncollected certificates from previous years)
*IVV walkers get IVV books stamped for Sunday
*IML walkers get IML books stamped (note minimum qualifying distances apply)
  3-4pm Awards and Closing Ceremony
3 April

Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve 12km (several walk options will be offered, from short and easy to moderate to hard)
Join our charter bus to take you to Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve, approximately 40km from the Canberra city centre. Tidbinbilla is home to many different Australian wildlife.
Cost is $40 per person, which includes your transport, entry to Tidbinbilla, picnic lunch and IVV stamps.
After leaving Tidbinbilla we will visit the Deep Space Communication Complex (time permitting) before returning to Canberra.
Don't forget your IVV books, as this is the last opportunity to get them stamped.

Canberra Two Day Walk Inc.
Notice of Annual General Meeting

When: 4.30 pm Saturday 1 April 2017
Where: Charles Sturt University, Canberra Campus, Blackall St, Barton (Control Centre for the Walk)

All welcome, but only financial members can vote.


  1. Welcome
  2. Apologies
  3. Minutes of 2016 AGM
  4. President's Report
  5. Financial Report
  6. Election of Office Bearers (1)
    Committee member
    Non-committee roles (2)
  7. Nomination/appointment of auditor for 2017
  8. General business
    IML update
    IVV update
    Life membership (3)
    Any other business

(1) All financial members of the Canberra Two Day Walk Inc. are eligible to nominate and vote for any of the listed committee positions. We welcome any walkers interested in joining the committee to ensure the ongoing success for future Canberra Walking Festivals.

(2) There are many opportunities for volunteers to assist without being a formal committee member.

(3) Life membership nominations to be in accordance with the criteria and process agreed at the 2015 AGM. Please ensure any proposed nominations are made in a timely manner; well in advance of the AGM (ideally by 1 March 2017).

Suggested training programs

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