FAQs – Prospective Clubs

Q1: What is AussieWalk

A: AussieWalk is a newly formed national association with the goals of:

  • encouraging public health through non-competitive walking;
  • providing opportunities for social engagement for people of all ages, ability and background;
  • fostering international friendship; and
  • organising and administering the IVV award program within Australia as a National Member of the IVV.

Q2: What is the IVV and the IVV award program?

A: The Internationaler Volkssportverband (IVV), or International Federation of Popular Sports, is headquartered in Germany (refer www.ivv-web.org). Walkers may participate in events with member clubs or by walking designated permanent trails across Australia and around the world.

Currently there are over 30 countries with national membership of the IVV and over 10 other countries that are direct member countries.

To encourage and recognise repeated participation in IVV events, an award system has been set up. The award system recognises both the number of events completed, and the total distance covered. Awards are in the form of pins and sew on patches and a certificate.

AussieWalk is the national association that coordinates membership of the IVV by walking clubs in Australia and administers the awards program for IVV walkers.

Q3: Why should my walking club join AussieWalk?

A: A number of your club members are possibly already participating in IVV award program. These walkers would enjoy enhanced opportunities if they were able to claim award credit for their walks with your club.

Your membership of AussieWalk may also encourage new members to join your walking club and existing members to be more active.

AussieWalk will promote your club on the AussieWalk website and in social media.

On occasion, interstate and international walkers visit and would also appreciate the opportunity to walk with your club for IVV credit.

AussieWalk also administers a number of other special awards programs that are independent of the IVV awards. These currently include the Lakes of Canberra and Centenary Trail programs. A new Walk Australia program is also being developed, with plans for more as AussieWalk matures. These special programs are available to all of your club members (at a nominal cost to cover the award), regardless of whether they also participate in the IVV.

Q4: What is the cost of club membership of AussieWalk?

A: Proposed membership is an initial one-off $20 joining fee plus an annual $30. This would include the provision of one IVV stamp (for distance and event credit).

If your walking clubs has 10 or more members who are also current individual members of AussieWalk, the annual membership may be waived.

Q5: What other administrative overhead is involved for walking clubs?

A: One (or more) club member will need to be nominated as the IVV Liaison for the club. In most cases that person will already be an IVV walker and understand the IVV award system. If not, training will be provided by AussieWalk; and ongoing advice and support will be provided to all IVV Liaisons. The IVV Liaison will hold the club’s IVV stamp, and stamp individual record books as needed.

As a member club you will also be invited to send a representative to the AGM.

Q6: Do walking club members have to participate in the IVV award program?

A: Absolutely not! There is no obligation for anyone to participate in the IVV. The program is entirely voluntary as an additional optional incentive program for your walkers. For those that do participate, most elect to record both events and distance, but some choose only one of the programs.

Q7: How does my walking club become a club member of AussieWalk?

A: To be eligible, you must be a registered non-competitive walking club, association or business in Australia, with current public liability insurance.

Complete the Club Membership Nomination and submit to the AussieWalk committee for decision.

Q8: What if my walking club no longer wishes to be a club member?

A: Club membership of AussieWalk can be terminated at any time, in writing, with one month’s notice. The IVV stamp is to be returned to AussieWalk and club members should be advised.

Note: membership provisions are in accordance with the Association Rules.