FAQs – Visiting Walking Clubs/Tour Groups

International walking groups and tours are encouraged to walk in Australia and offer options for group members to gain IVV stamps whilst touring.

For IVV credit, each walk must be a minimum of 5km and a maximum of 30km in a day. A maximum of 2 walks per day may be walked if each walk is in a different location (note: if a walk has a lunch break and then continues in the same location then that counts as just one walk). Ideally walks will be led by a responsible member of the organising group. Alternatively walkers may be provided with written route directions.

A separate stamp will be provided for each walk. To obtain the necessary stamps, the organiser must contact AussieWalk (ivv@aussiewalk.com.au) at least 6 weeks in advance of the proposed arrival date, with the details required on the Stamp Order Visiting Groups. This will allow sufficient time for the stamps to be produced and mailed to a suitable location in Australia (eg hotel) or collected in person if walking in Canberra.

All IVV stamp fees must be paid before any stamps will be mailed. All stamps must be returned to AussieWalk before leaving Australia. Return postage (only valid within Australia) is provided with your stamps.

IVV stamps are charged on the following sliding scale:

A$30 / 1 walk

A$50 / 2 walks

A$70 / 3 walks

A$85 / 4 walks

A$100 / 5 walks (and A$15 for each additional walk)

Fees can be paid by Paypal (or cash if prior arrangements are made to collect the stamps in person in Canberra)