FAQs – Prospective Walkers

Q1: What is the IVV and the IVV award program?

The Internationaler Volkssportverband (IVV), or International Federation of Popular Sports, is an incentive program to keep you on a path to better fitness and wellbeing. It provides rewards for participation in self-paced non-competitive IVV sanctioned events.

The IVV is headquartered in Germany (refer www.ivv-web.org), with AussieWalk IVV administering the IVV program in Australia.

Walkers may participate in events and receive IVV credit by completing walks with an IVV member club, or by walking one of the permanent trails across Australia (or around the world). Currently there are over 40 countries participating in the IVV.

To encourage and recognise repeated participation in IVV events, an award system has been set up. The award system recognises both the number of events completed, and the total distance covered. Awards are in the form of pins and sew on patches and a certificate with progress stickers.

Q2: Why should I be an IVV Walker?

Many walkers derive personal satisfaction from progressing through the various award levels and receiving the accompanying patches and pins. Most IVV walkers participate in both the Event and Distance award programs, but some choose just to record their distance walked.

When travelling, the network of permanent IVV trails and events around the world are a great way to discover new places and meet like-minded people. The IVV can also provide that extra level of motivation to get out and walk, rather than sitting on the couch!

Q3: What does it cost to participate in the IVV award program?

New walkers may purchase a starter kit for $10. The kit includes your first distance and event record books, plus coupons to complete 3 permanent trails in Australia at no additional cost. Subsequent record books are $10 each. The purchase of the books covers the cost of the award (patch, pin and certificate/ progress stickers).

IVV walks normally cost $5/walk for adults ($1 for under 10s and $2 for 10-17 year olds), but membership of an IVV club may also cover the cost of the IVV stamp for walks with that club. There is also a variety of free IVV walking opportunities available. See the Summary of IVV Benefits and Opportunities in 2017.

The cost to participate in international IVV walks will vary by country.

Q4: What is AussieWalk IVV?

AussieWalk IVV is a not-for-profit national association, run entirely by volunteers, with the goals of:

  • encouraging public health through non-competitive walking;
  • providing opportunities for social engagement for people of all ages, ability and background;
  • fostering international friendship; and
  • organising and administering the IVV award program within Australia as a National Member of the IVV.

Q5: Should I join AussieWalk IVV?

By supporting AussieWalk IVV you are supporting the growth of walking opportunities through the IVV in Australia. Membership of AussieWalk IVV is currently set at $50/year.

As an AussieWalk IVV member you receive the following benefits:

  • access to the personal walking challenge program (distance credit for all walks of at least 5km undertaken in Australia);
  • free distance and event credit for all permanent trails in Australia; and
  • opportunity to influence the future direction of AussieWalk IVV

AussieWalk membership does not cover walks undertaken with other community walking clubs (eg Walking For Pleasure ACT) where walkers are expected to pay a separate membership fee to participate.

Membership of AussieWalk IVV is not required to participate in the IVV incentive program, and is only open to Australian residents. Prospective new members should complete the Individual Membership Nomination.

Q6: What else can members do to support AussieWalk IVV?

  • AussieWalk IVV needs a committee to run the association. Consider standing in an executive or support role.
  • Volunteer to develop a new permanent trail.
  • Propose and develop a new special award program.
  • Supporting member clubs and affiliated organisations is supporting AussieWalk IVV.
  • Participate in the annual Aussie Peace Walk as either a walker or volunteer (or both) and spread the word to your family and friends.
  • Promote the IVV award program to your family and friends.
  • Like/Follow and interact with our social media pages and share your walking adventures with us – write an article and/or send us some photos.